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Courage & Cooperation – Rich Bartlett

In this episode, Rich, the co-creator of Enspiral and Loomio(complex collaborative systems) and I talk about about why people have such a hard time working together, from how we were raised, our cultures, our biases, all the way to how we think of ourselves. We talk about how systems change, from the individual then outward. We talk about non-hierarchical organizations, non-violence, small groups and the importance of group size, the dunbar number, microsolidarity, sovereignty, networks of trust and love, courage-how we get it and how we give it. We talk about some problems in the United States, scalability of tight night groups, the obsession of scalability, about rhythms instead of scheduling, practicing partner relationships, accepting all the parts of ourselves, self love and shadow work and so much more.

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Thanks so much for your time and insight Rich! Really fun interview and some really great things to think about.

Here’s some of his articles that we talk about, you can find him on Medium.

Richard D. Bartlett – Medium

I’ve been experimenting with different methods for improving the audio quality of my videocalls, both for meetings and for recorded conversations like podcasts. So I have a few suggestions to make your next call sound less like a laptop, more like a studio. I’ll start with some microphone basics.

How To Weave Social Fabric

I published the Microsolidarity proposal a year ago and really struck a chord with people. I’m overdue to give folks an update, and there’s really a lot of exciting news. So first I’ll give a quick recap, then I’ll share what’s happening in 2020.

Rich is a bearded kiwi. He’s a self-described nerd. He has been living in Italy and has been in full lock-down mode for more than 3 weeks. He says he’s going a bit crazy, but you can’t tell from this conversation. He has created a number of really cool companies/projects/systems, the line between these terms blurs around this guy in a really nice way, and he has written some very astute articles about creating more resilience and support in small groups. I’d say he’s championing for growing up, for emotional maturity and intelligence. He’s championing inclusion, efficiency, encouragement and equality at a level of thoughtfulness that is exceedingly rare. He’s championing a world where we all support each other to do more meaningful work.

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