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This content was posted on  2 Apr 20  by   Conspiracy & Fear of Tyranny  on  Podcast
Conspiracy & Fear of Tyranny

We need a collective action on Covid, but we’re also afraid that what happened in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia could happen here in America. We’re afraid that the government will use this thing as a means to increase their power, to overreach into our lives and our liberties. We’re afraid at the mere possibility that they created this entire fucking thing themselves. That they engineered the virus, released it in China, and didn’t take early action deliberately. These are terrifying thoughts and I’m sympathetic of the people who have gone so far down this rabbit hole that they are disoriented, while still feeling certain that they know the truth of a massive cover up, a “plandemic”. Some combination of legislative overreach, 5G cell phone towers, mandated vaccines and martial law make up their fears and their claims. I’m partial to these thoughts, honestly. The reality of tyranny and government propaganda goes back to the dawn of civilization, and we’ve seen it here in our own lives. We’re at a critical time right now where its so hard to know what is actually going on behind all of this. This is a conversation with these thoughts.

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