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This content was posted on  13 May 19  by   Daniel Thorson  on  Podcast
Catherine McGee – Soulmaking in Collapse

My guest today is Catherine McGee. Catherine has been teaching Insight Meditation retreats internationally since 1999, and since 2014 has been collaborating with Rob Burbea in shaping and teaching the Soulmaking Dharma. In this conversation we explore how the Soulmaking Dharma can open up our relationship to the topic of collapse and possible human extinction.

We talk about Catherine’s experience participating in the Extinction Rebellion through the lens of the Soulmaking Dharma, the weaving together of justice and soul and beauty in a time of crisis, the eros-psyche-logos dynamic, the difference between suffering (dukkha) in the classical Buddhist context and in the Soulmaking Dharma, and the possibility of enchanting catastrophe.

Catherine McGee : Key Ideas of a Soulmaking Dharma (Part 1 – The Why and
What) –

Catherine McGee : Key Ideas of a Soulmaking Dharma (Part 2 – The
Eros-Psyche-Logos Dynamic) –

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