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Are you missing the point of Coronavirus?

There is a reality rarely seen, that shows the limits of our ability to understand the complexities that we live in. This concept, coined Hyperobjects by Timothy Morton, is a humble way of placing our own ability to understand complexity. This is coupled with the increasingly obvious reality that our old systems are simply not fit to address the problems and meet the needs of our global community, especially for the future which is unseen and unknowable. We’re constantly solving for right where we are, which is leaving us a day late and a dollar short time and time again. My point in this episode is that there is a better way to think, a better way to frame the question, the problems. Instead of staying stuck in a Left/Right, Me/You, Us/Them battle where we’re forced to take a multiple choice test (voting) between two futures that are bought and sold by greed and power by people who have never talked to us about it and who, frankly, don’t give a fuck about us.

This episode is an invitation into a global collaboration of our future. We are building a new world, together.

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