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Andrew J. Taggart – Existential Openings & Psychotechnologies of Self-Transformation

Andrew J Taggart is a practical philosopher, Zen Buddhist, and entrepreneur. Recently Andrew wrote an article called ‘Psychotechnologies of Self-Transformation’ that led me to reach out to him and schedule a conversation.

This episode was recorded a few months ago, but it occurs to me as exactly the right time to release it. If you are feeling panicked about the Corona Virus, I’d encourage you to slow down, get a hot cup of tea (or go for a walk outside) and enjoy this warm-spirited philosophical conversation.

We inquire about:

Why aren’t human beings kinder to each other, let alone to all sentient beings?

Is liberalism, humanism, and nihilism at the root of the meta-crisis?

How social media requires a self-enclosed narcissistic humanism to function

How do we move beyond humanism into a new cosmological sense of being?

Is it possible to install new modes of being in time to confront the planetary challenges facing us?

The necessity of existential openings as a portal to self-inquiry

Whether we need to administer ‘gentle shocks’ to help people enter into spiritual crisis as quickly as possible

How can we help ensure that instances of emergency and crisis can touch the heart and open the spirit?

How do we precipitate mass existential opening?

How do we help others encounter the truths of their heart?

What Andrew has learned about having skillful philosophical conversations

The importance of becoming sensitive in conversation to what Andrew calls ‘existential weight’

Why we must change our lives according to our existential truths, and the consequences of not doing so

What is an adequate new definition of the human being that supports the emergence of a broadly contemplative culture

Does wisdom arise from awakening, or does awakening arise from wisdom?

What are the most important virtues to be cultivated now, in this time between worlds?

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