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A Learning Journey to Regenerate Bioregions

At the Design School for Regenerating Earth, we are about to embark on a learning journey to birth a planetary network of bioregional learning centers.

We have developed a framework for the regeneration of large-scale landscape systems that brings together many tools and approaches from around the world. We call it the Platform for Bioregional Regeneration and it has three foundational pillars:

  1. Creation of a learning ecosystem organized around at least one bioregional learning center for every unique landscape on Earth.
  2. Weave a tapestry of local projects into holistic, integrated landscapes that are organized as watersheds, coastal estuaries, mountain ranges, and other geophysical features of the natural world.
  3. Establish a collaborative funding-and-governance ecosystem in the form of a territorial foundation (or bioregional regeneration fund) that mobilizes resources in service to the local landscape.

Members of the Design School are preparing for a learning journey that begins March 19th, 2024 and will run for six months — to help local groups to begin manifesting this platform in their own local bioregions. We will focus on the creation of bioregional learning centers (a powerful organizing framework called for by Donella Meadows more than 40 years ago).

Unlike online courses that cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, this one is only $5/month (or $49 per year). It is also a blend of theory and practice. We will begin by creating shared contexts of ideas, language, models, and frameworks. This will flow into self-organizing of participants into cohorts that work in their own landscapes to apply what they learn in real-world settings.

Participants will join a learning community of people who are putting these concepts into practice — all for the low price of $5/month!!

We encourage local groups to organize their own cohort. For example, if you live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia you can gather with other local organizers and form your own team. This is something that has already started to occur in Cascadia, the Great Lakes, and the Northern Andes. Our hope is that we can stimulate the creation of bioregional learning centers around the world through the learning journey and all of the supportive exchanges that emerge afterwards.

Click this link to join the Design School and participate in the learning journey.

Learn more about bioregional learning centers in this 10-minute video and see how they relate to value flows for bioregional investment platforms in this video.

*A one-year membership to the Design School costs $49. We have structured this course so that the learning journey is free for all members of the school. Your membership will auto-renew one year after it begins and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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