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#4: Expanding possibilities

Hello dear reader. Please find enclosed:

  • your invitation to join me in conversation Apr 20

  • my favourite new podcasts about self-managing workplaces

  • updates from the Microsolidarity project

  • and some juicy links and tidbits about democracy, conspiracy and spirituality

Join Us April 20!

I’m co-hosting an online event with Ronan Harrington. We’ll talk about some of the possible futures we can imagine for this suddenly very open-ended decade, and engage a participatory process to make sense of this moment together with you.

Update April 21: the event has now passed. Recording is here.

Future of work podcasts

Microsolidarity updates

Other bits

  • I wrote a short blog to accompany a 30 minute video with Manu Alzuru, founder of Fight Pandemics, a brand new volunteer project. I share my top 5 organising tips for a new volunteer network.

  • Through my work with Alter Ego I’ve been getting to know Elizabeth Oldfield from the Theos, a think tank described as “God’s diplomatic service”. I’m enjoying her memetic mediation work (i.e. creating bridges across ideological tribes) on their podcast The Sacred. Here’s a good intro to her work.

  • My friend Cristina Flesher Fominaya published her latest book: Democracy Reloaded. She’s an activist and academic, documenting what’s happened in the democratic experiments in Spain from 15-M to Podemos. Use the discount code ASFLYQ6 for 30% off.

  • And please enjoy Daniel Schmachtenberger having a fine rant about how to think about conspiracy theories in this time.

Ok I hope some of those threads give you something interesting to tug on until next time!

Ciao from Rich 😷

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