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Helen Pluckrose
Helen Pluckrose
Editor of Areo Magazine | critic of postmodernism excesses
Editor of Areo Magazine | critic of postmodernism excesses
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Helen is the editor of the online Areo Magazine

From the Areo website:

Helen Pluckrose is an exile from the humanities with research interests in late medieval/early modern religious writing by and about women.  She is editor-in-chief of Areo. Helen took part in the “grievance studies” probe and her book with James Lindsay, Cynical Theories, looks at the evolution of postmodern thought in scholarship and activism.

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Areo Magazine
Areo Magazine
An opinion and analysis digital magazine focused on current affairs

The conversations that will shape our tomorrow


From the website:

Areo is an opinion and analysis digital magazine focused on current affairs — in particular: humanism, reason, science, politics, culture and human rights.

Areo, named after Milton’s speech in defence of freedom of speech, Areopagitica, publishes thoughtful essays from a variety of perspectives compatible with broadly liberal and humanist values. It places particular priority on evidence and reason-centered pieces. Our contributors are intellectually, professionally and ideologically diverse and include liberals, conservatives, socialists, libertarians, atheists and religious believers. As much as possible, Areo aims to avoid polarizing tribalistic stances and prioritizes intellectual balance, charity, honesty and rigor.

We believe in the unfettered freedom to explore, think, and challenge ideas and concepts, and we’re intent on taking part in the conversations that will shape our tomorrow.


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Are Marxist anti-capitalists post-modernists?
Published on: 5 Sep 17 in Helen Pluckrose – Medium by Helen Pluckrose

Are Marxist anti-capitalists post-modernists?No. Postmodernists attacked Marxism. Many PoMos are anti-capitalist and some have adapted Marxist ideas but they are still different things. Marxists are very critical of postmodernism. I …Read more
We don’t claim to be supportive of illiberal ideas. When we speak of supporting viewpoint diversity, we mean people on left & right & centre, of various religions or none, and people who hold a variety of philosophical views. 1/2 …Read more
Unfortunately, the improvement to my health has not lasted. I will be open that it is is my mental health that suffers most from the constant abuse from all sides & this then impacts my physical health conditions in potentially dangerous ways. …Read more
I am in a kind of Catch 22 situation. If I stay on social media, it seriously undermines my psychological & physical wellbeing. If I stay off social media, it seriously undermines my ability to stay up to date with the rapidly shifting popular discourses around CSJ. …Read more
Hello, everyone. I am now home again and much better. Kidney infections seem to have finally been beaten and I am feeling much more positive. However, I am to avoid stress & overwork which leads to sleep deprivation which leads to kidney infections. …Read more
Greetings. Just popping in to keep my account alive. I attach proof of life and that it is me. I call this one FishVegMash. As you can see, it is particularly yummy & visually appealing. …Read more
The man you are talking about is in an exclusive marriage & has four children already. He’s quite clear he’s doing this for his wife & kids. What do you think men should do instead of a vasectomy to be responsible & not produce more children than they can provide for? (Cont) …Read more
RT @Counter_Weight_: To support us in our goal to protect viewpoint diversity, please consider donating: @HPluckrose …Read more
This account is not currently monitored. For support with impositions of authoritarian Critical Social Justice ideology at work, university or school, go to the website and emails in bio. …Read more
Yeah, so I keep being told with increasing frequency & hostility. I am both completely delusional to think that I, alongside other liberal lefties, exist, and at the same time as not actually existing, we’re all part of the whole wokeness problem & complicit in its continuation. …Read more
Thanks, everyone. Most of you are lovely, but some are horrible as usual! Deleted thread coz not worth the hassle. Will update as appropriate. Goodnight. …Read more
I will be unavailable for a while. It’s actually not to do with the despair and feelings of futility that I was feeling yesterday & which may or may not persist but a personal situation that has arisen this morning. I need to take care of my family, but will be back! …Read more
I’ll probably regroup but right now, I kind of feel like I might be done. It’s just coming from everywhere now & it just feels so futile to keep swimming against all these tides & currents. …Read more
I don’t think discussion is possible if you begin with the premise that I deep down hold the same views as you but am in self-protective denial about it because it would damage my sense of myself as a good person. This is the thesis of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility, btw. …Read more
I just have different political views to you, Charlie. It is possible to genuinely disagree with your political views without it being some kind of phobia or coping mechanism on my part. I’ll assume you also genuinely disagree with me having given the matter thought. 1/2 …Read more
Well, quite. …Read more
I’m going to go for a bit. …Read more …Read more
But that isn’t what socialism means. Socialism is a system in which society owns the means of production. It’s not a wish to tackle inequality & injustice & defend the powerless against the powerful which does not require believing a socialist system will best accomplish that. …Read more
Looks like I will not be going to France at the beginning of January. …Read more
Because it became an abbreviation in the late medieval period when paper was really expensive and it stuck. …Read more
Yes, it’s not reasonable or ethical but it is understandable. I think I’ve posted before about one of my ladies (elderly people I cared for) who was racist against white people? …Read more
This is my experience, certainly, but I’m self-employed & also cannot be hurt by people pointing out I am low on melanin. Some psychologists I am in touch with are developing treatments for what they call “white guilt neurosis.” …Read more
Who are you talking to? “Reverse racism” makes no sense to the majority of people who understand racism as prejudice on the grounds of (any) race as that is always just racism OR to the people who understand racism as something only white people can exhibit. …Read more
RT @Reltiet: @HPluckrose I love literary readings – they can often result in very interesting takes of a particular source. I just wished it had stayed in its lane and didn’t show up in sociology as a method to study society & social interactions. …Read more
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