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When the Left Goes Right – Conspiracies and Trump-love among spiritual progressives. Guests: Jason Lange and Nomali Perera

A couple weeks ago I received an email from my old pal Jason Lange with the question: “What’s your pulse on all the ‘conspirituality’ out there?”

I’d never heard the term “conspirituality”, but I understood what he meant when he described “the weird convergence I’m seeing of ‘spiritual’ friends going hard right, Trump, even QAnon.”

What an interesting phenomenon! I’ve seen some of it myself, even in the integral world. Is it a reaction against the recent eruptions of mean green? An evolutionary regression brought on by stressful life conditions? Or perhaps a strange integration, as is the way of evolution, of the split-off fragments of earlier stages? Or … do they see something true that the rest of us are missing?

I wanted to know more, so I invited Jason and our colleague Nomali Perera, who has a keen cultural eye, to a conversation. I learned a lot (what a world!) and trust you will too.  – Jeff Salzman

  • 1:00 Conspirituality, what a great word!
  • 16:13 Can we even know what’s true?
  • 20:00 Trump, the mind-blower
  • 20:58 Vaccines and the DNA of the USA
  • 40:58 Who or what has authority in the face of conspirituality?
  • 42:21 Healthy American nationalism and Biden
  • 45:16 The emerging Integral political right
  • 52:52 So, what now? Some ideas to move forward

Nomali Perera is an integral coach and consultant, and can be found at Practical Integral. Jason Lange is a filmmaker and evolutionary guide and producer of the podcast, Do the Evolution

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