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We are beyond thrilled to be celebrating the graduation of Blessing Horowytz, the very first

We are beyond thrilled to be celebrating the graduation of Blessing Horowytz, the very first from our Art of Circling Level 2/Facilitator Training course! (This course is the second stage in The Circling Institute’s vision for training individuals who can elegantly lead their own Circling Method courses).

We we all SO impressed by the vision statement Blessing read during her graduation, that we wanted to share it with all you.

My Vision For Circling

Because the Circling Method is an alive practice for me, I can honestly state that my vision for using this practice is changing and upgrading as I learn and integrate more.

There are however some pieces that seem to be forever consistent. These I will call my vision.

As this has become my Spiritual practice it is a part of my every breath and movement in my daily living. I have a deep commitment to consistently adhere to the principles (agreements) and foundations of the Circling Method (7 stages) to continue my inner growth and evolution towards being who I truly am and striping the masks that hinder my true and authentic HIGHEST SELF. This commitment is both to myself and those around me – both near and far.

My deepest desire is for all beings to shine their light. To serve this mission of my heart my vision is to bring the Circling Method into the world of business.

In this modern world where technology has become the primary way of communicating, true connection between people seems to be a lost art. People are starving for authentic and deep conversations, as witnessed by the recent surge of people from Silicon Valley joining our courses at the Circling Institute. It is also becoming more apparent in the industry in which I work. The Natural Products arena is also suffering from a lack of authenticity within the cultures of these businesses. More people are becoming disillusioned with the environments they have to function in every day. The ability to show up for work and be oneself is more difficult than ever as the pressure on productivity 24/7 is the focus. Working with and creating authenticity through introducing the Circling Method to these corporate cultures is a dream come true.

Working with entrepreneurs to incorporate the principles of the Circling Method into the foundation of their companies is another layer in my vision – supporting new businesses in building authenticity into the core of the business, where human interaction is a basic necessity for growth. Using this practice from the start, I believe can create stronger companies that allow human beings to flourish and grow not only the business but themselves.

Coaching individuals in the Circling Method and on how to have courageous conversations is another piece of the equation. Supporting others to find their voice and personal power is an important component to health and well-being.

And, I will continue working with the Circling Institute in endeavoring to bring Circling to the world through our our weekend workshops, training programs and on-line offerings.

– Blessing Horowytz

Were YOU as inspired as we were by what Blessing has to say?

It has been an honor and a pleasure to have Blessing as part of our Art of Circling Level 1 and Level 2 training programs… First as a student, and now as part of our facilitation staff.

If you’re interested in getting a taste of what Blessing is having, there’s still time to join our 2020 Art of Circling Practitioner Training Program.

Visit our website for details. Enrollment closes March 5th.

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The Art of Circling Practitioner Training – Enrollment closes March 5th


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