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VCoL in action: skill mapping
Skill map for active listening

Micro-VCoLing, the learning process my colleagues and I teach in ViP, involves practicing tiny skills in realtime. We call these skills micro-skills. Micro-VCoLing has many benefits, and you can find several examples of micro-VCoLs here on Medium and on Lectica’s website.

Once people have learned how to micro-VCoL, they can benefit from learning to create their own micro-VCoLs. But first, they need to learn how to identify micro-skills. The VCoL offered here shows how skill mapping can be used to identify and select micro-skills from any larger set of skills.

The skill-mapping VCoL mentions something called a situation-awareness micro-VCoL. One of these can be found in the Fundamental Attribution Error micro-VCoL starter set.

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