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TSV Episode 16: The Wisdom of Socrates with David Collins

David Collins currently works as a clinic manager in the psychology department at the University of Texas in Austin.

He undertook a double-major in religion and psychology at Dartmouth, a masters in contemplative theology at the Graduate Theological Union, another masters in world religion at Harvard, and he has a PhD in clinical psychology.

Here he speaks on the wisdom and religiosity of Socrates in a short 13-minute talk.

He has contributed two essays to The Side View, “Deconstructing Mindfulness” and “The Contemplative’s Conscience,” available here:

The Contemplative’s Conscience

The short piece, An Epistle of Discretion of Stirrings, was written by the same anonymous Middle English author who gave us the classic work of Western mysticism, The Cloud of Unknowing. Like The Cloud, was written for someone who had asked its author for some advice regarding contemplative practice.

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