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This content was posted on  15 Jul 19  by   The Side View  on  Podcast
TSV Episode 15: Perceptual Learning w/ Kevin Connolly

In today’s episode I spoke with the cognitive scientist and philosopher Kevin Connolly. Kevin’s work focuses on what he calls perception-based learning, which shows that there are deep and important links between the practices we engage in and the way our perception is formed, all the way down to the physiological structure of the brain and the body. He has a great new book out called, Perceptual Learning: The Flexibility of the Senses, which is available now wherever books are sold. As I mention in the episode, Kevin’s book really does feel like a justification for everything I’m doing here at TSV, so finding his research was pretty edifying. We talked about perceptual transformation and practice in wine tasters, soccer players, meditators, and more.




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