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This content was posted on  26 Oct 20  by   Andrew Sweeny  on  Podcast
Sweeny vs Bard Season 3 Ep. 2: Process, Event, and Negation: With Cadell Last

Our first conversation with Cadell Last, an extraordinary new voice on the scene whose beard at least competes with Alexander’s, and who has written a great new book called Sex, God and Masculinity.  We talked about a lot of things including Freudian psychoanalysis and socio-analysis, a defense of Freud and Hegel, the phallus and the fake phallus,  exodology, and many themes familiar to this podcast. We talked about Alexander’s proposed Pro-topia, a world beyond the barred absolute and of creativity undreamed of. But also of the ‘rites of passage’ that the society will have to endure before we get there.  

Bio: Cadell Last is an anthropologist, philosopher and therapist focused on biocultural evolution, mind-matter relation and future speculations.  He earned his PhD in interdisciplinary and complexity studies at the Evolution, Cognition and Complexity group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.  He is also the author of over a dozen academic publications and two books: Global Brain Singularity and Sex, Masculinity, God; as well as over a dozen academic publications.  You can find more about his work at

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