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This content was posted on  26 Aug 19  by   Andrew Sweeny  on  Podcast
Sweeny vs Bard Season 2 Ep. 1: The Digital Messiah

A new season of Sweeny vs Bard!  Get ready to have your mind blown! 

Some topics covered in this wide ranging conversation: Silk Route: the golden age of spirituality; The will to Intelligence; Machine, biological and symbiotic intelligence; The messianic machine; How to defeat the culture war; Blockchain and brutal honesty; Membrains; Deep History; People being naked togeather

… and so much more


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Links to books by Alexander Bard  with Jan Söderqvist:

The Futurica Trilogy (2012) Syntheism
Creating God in the Internet Age (2014)
Digital Libido – Sex, power and violence in the network society (2018)

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