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This content was posted on  26 Jun 19  by   Andrew Sweeny  on  Podcast
Sweeny vs Bard Ep. 13: Communism?

Part of what we are up to, says Alexander Bard, is to retake words that can no longer be spoken.  First we retake God, then we retake Religion, and then …. communism?  In the eve of the upcoming debate between Slavoj Žižek and Jordan Peterson Bard (Capitalism vs Marxism) Bard explains to me why a utopian vision is necessary for the future age which he thinks will have to communistic or perish.  

 Links to books by Alexander Bard  with Jan Söderqvist:

The Futurica Trilogy (2012)
Syntheism – Creating God in the Internet Age (2014)
Digital Libido – Sex, power and violence in the network society

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