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This content was posted on  26 Jun 19  by   Andrew Sweeny  on  Podcast
Sweeny vs Bard Ep. 11: Tantra, Fake Messiahs, and The Moon landing

Some notes on topics covered: a facebook supernova, credibility vs marketing, a culture of mutual admiration, the beauty of asymmetry, dialectics of theism and non-theism, ‘God is the skulls of all the dead shamans’, science the story you tell in the morning, mythology n the evening, ‘never to strive for perfection,’ the terrible ideas of infinity, the exodus, the ultimate father and the ultimate mother, the moon landing, building pyramids, ’empty perfected symbols of death’, fake messiahs and death worship, boy and girl pharos, individualism, etc.  

Links to books by Alexander Bard  with Jan Söderqvist:

The Futurica Trilogy (2012)
Syntheism – Creating God in the Internet Age (2014)
Digital Libido – Sex, power and violence in the network society

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