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Social Intelligence Test Radically Real Relating Skills – From The Art of Circling™ …

Social Intelligence Test

Radically Real Relating Skills – From The Art of Circling™

Can you guess which item from the list below does not belong with the others?

1. I feel like you’re stupid.

2. You make me feel angry.

3. When you say that, I feel sad, because I want to feel closer to you.

4. You need to discipline your inner child, suppress your shadow and polarize your male/female energy if you ever want to attract a relationship.

5. You’re a type 7 Enneagram, with Leo rising, which is why you’re such a narcissist.

We hope you said #3!

Naming – in the moment – the impact of an experience and what you are wanting instead is a powerful communication tool!

Ok…Now for a harder one:

Which item from this list does not belong with the others?

1. Welcoming what is

2. Owning our experience

3. Speaking with the intention of relating

4. Listening for shared humanity

5. Sharing impact

6. Speaking the moment

7. Inviting all of you

8. Projection, judgement, blame

9. Community

10. Playfulness

11. Getting your world

12. Circling™

In this scenario…Eight is not great !

When we are tempted to project, judge, or blame, it usually means we are not feeling safe, heard, or understood. That’s a good time to try on #3 from the first question 🙂

We hope you enjoyed our fun little quiz

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Sending Big Love from our family to yours,

Guy, Jon & Korenna

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