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More good news!


Kia ora! Hello from team Loomio,

Since the start of the year, we’ve been working hard on even more awesome new Loomio 2.0 features. Check ‘em out – along with some valuable webinars:

Your team can now log in to Loomio with their company login, while staff access & permissions can be administered in one place. It’s a secure, fast and easy way to use Loomio in your organization.

Single Sign On (SSO) support for OneLogin, Auth0, Microsoft 365 and many more providers is available on the Loomio Pro plan. See Help for more info.

Say it with video

Lift your team comms to a whole new level by embedding video in threads and polls – simply copy and paste a YouTube link with the ‘Embed video’ tool. Too easy!

Discussion thread entitled 'Introducing Loomio' with a video entitled 'What is Loomio' embedded into the context

We’ve improved the text editor, making it easier to share important info; paste images inline, make tables, use markdown…

“Cooperative Decision Making for Distributed Teams” webinar

18th of February (2–3pm ET)

Cecile Green and John Gieryn happily hosting a webinar with the Loomio and Round Sky Solutions logos on a banner below

A collaboration between Loomio and Round Sky, this free Future of Work training is a short and powerful introduction to consent process from leading experts.

Recording coming soon

Better Work Together Academy

Want to take a deeper dive into this topic and really take your collaboration to the next level? Our friends at Better Work Together are running a series of online courses to help you develop group decision making and self-management skills in your organization. Visit Better Work Together Academy for more.

Ngā mihi nui,

Rob and the Loomio team

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