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This content was posted on  1 Nov 23  by   Douglas Rushkoff  on  Podcast
Mitch Horowitz – Team Human Live in NYC

Author of Modern Occultism and historian of alternative spirituality Mitch Horowitz helps us launch the sigil that flips the script on civilization, itself. Live music by Steven Brent. This conversation was recorded live in collaboration with Digital Void at Caveat in New York City on Saturday, October 28, 2023.

About Mitch Horowitz

Mitch Horowitz is a historian of alternative spirituality and one of today’s most literate voices of esoterica, mysticism, and the occult. Mitch is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library and the PEN Award-winning author of books including Occult America; One Simple Idea; The Miracle Club; Daydream BelieverUncertain Places; and Modern Occultism.  

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