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Making your organization more resilient


We are fortunate to support many incredible organizations – each with
their own particular management styles – and it’s not uncommon for us to adopt practices from groups in the Loomio community.

When we learn from the examples of others, we are opening up ourselves
(and our organizations) to growth. So, today we’re highlighting the Ian
Martin Group
’s journey to self-organization, a way of organizing
that makes your company more resilient in the long term.

Self-organization in practice — Ian Martin Group

Watch the above video to learn:

  • How a small team of six ended up transforming a company of hundreds
  • What practices the group employs to make decisions smoothly
  • The unique ways Ian Martin Group (IMG) utilizes

Start your own journey towards self-organization and help your team make better decisions, be more engaged, and do better work together with Loomio (free trials available at

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