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Libertism will be out on June 23rd 2022

Lene Rachel Andersen’s books are crucial; her extensive knowledge and lucid writing open our eyes to new opportunities and allow us to grasp the unfathomable.

Per Stig Møller
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denmark, 2001-11

Libertism is an audacious examination of where humanity has come from, where we are today, and what we must transcend to build a truly human meta-stable society that we’d be happy to live in and be proud to leave to our descendents.

Jim Rutt
Initiator of Game B
Chairman of the Santa Fe Institute 2009-12

Libertism is a momentous accomplishment! Lene Rachel Andersen’s razor-sharp analysis on the state of the world provokes the reader to think: What do we do about technological development? About non-sustainable consumption? And about the traditional economic models that no longer give us sufficient answers? The author proposes rethinking education and personal responsibility; to secure freedom is the responsibility of everyone.

Connie Hedegaard
Chairman CONCITO,
European Commisioner for Climate Action, 2010-14

More information soon…

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