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It Takes a Village When I look around, it seems more and more like

It Takes a Village

When I look around, it seems more and more like we are becoming a world of individual, disconnected humans:

– Contact with friends is increasingly via texts, emails and social media and less in person time with each other.

– Exercise is more likely to consist of solo practice like yoga and treadmills and less team sports or games that require cooperation & trust and build community.

– Relaxation happens more with Netflix and meditation than walks in nature with friends or communal gatherings.

– Healing happens in a therapist’s office vs. with those we know, and have the deepest love and trust.

So much of our lives these days takes place alone.

Our work, free time, recovery from hurts and personal growth is taking place increasingly alone.

This is another reason why an intentional deep, healing, nourishing relational practice like our Circling method is so precious. We are seen, supported, cherished and encouraged in community in ways we can’t do by ourselves.

We can meditate for a lifetime, yet never see our own blind spots or aspects of our own worth. It can often feel safer to be alone, yet our heart suffers as does our inspiration and passion. We are social creatures and start to wilt without meaningful human contact.

In an effort to prevent any further wilting – our theme for November is:


I’d like to offer you some questions to ponder…not just in your meditations but hopefully with your friends, loved ones and your….Community….because It Takes a Village….not just to raise a child, but to elevate us all throughout our lives.

– What is important to you about community?

– Who comprises your community right now?

– What do you want your community to look like?

– How can you move towards that?

– How are you supported by your community?

– How you do support your community?

I hope you don’t just read these, say “hmmm” and move on to social media. So stop what you are doing….move slowly away from the device…and let yourself sink into the feelings and the considerations of what matters most to you about the villages of your life.

Much love,


We feel grateful to have YOU as part of our COMMUNITY.

(And we look forward to telling you that again in person…at one of our upcoming events 🙂

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