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How are you getting ready for u.lab 1x? Here is an exciting …

How are you getting ready for u.lab 1x?

Here is an exciting and inspiring example of regional activation: Yuval Sherman, Amit Lerner and Baruch Oren-Slouz from the u.lab Israel community are putting together a u.lab Hosts & Facilitators retreat to take place 21-23 July near Tel Aviv, Israel. The retreat is open to Israel-based, Hebrew-speaking u.lab hosts and learners (from beginners to experienced) who are wanting to hold space for others by connecting to a wider community whilst self-organizing their own local or regional hub.

The retreat, inspired by and building on the Hub Host program that took place in Scotland in 2017, will support the development of participants’ ability to initiate, lead and host spaces through the u.lab model, for people who want to take responsibility for prototyping transformative solutions.

This initiative exemplifies a “think global and build local” spirit, which we hope will inspire many others to experiment with their own unique ways of contributing to ecosystemic transformation by harnessing the opportunities offered by u.lab 1x.

Amit, Baruch and Yuval’s vision for the Hosts & Facilitators retreat is to help empower up to 20 hubs that will open in Israel for this year’s u.lab 1x course, which will launch on 8th September.

Visit their web page to learn more:

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