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Great job opportunities for coaches and Circling practitioners, from one of our graduates. …

Great job opportunities for coaches and Circling practitioners, from one of our graduates.

See below…

and note we have both a Circling Practitioner Training and a Coaching Training Program to give you the skills you need…

Hello Dear Circlers!!

I have some full-time coaching positions open that might be of interest to this group.

Some quick background: I discovered Circling back in 2013 and it forever changed my life.

After my second weekend of the Art of Circling course, I thought to myself ‘If we could introduce this practice into the corporate world, it would CHANGE the world.’

Shortly after I graduated, I accepted a position as an ‘Embedded Coach’ at a startup, and have spent the last 5 years watching the profound impact that this practice can have on people, business and the culture of an organization.

After facilitating over 5,000 coaching sessions (!), everyone I’ve worked with understands and has been trained in the art of getting someone’s world, how to speak from the ‘I,’ be vulnerable, share impact, get out of their head, and get more into the present moment of experience.

It’s been such an incredible journey and I feel more inspired than ever to be ‘the bridge’ between companies, coaches and practitioners of Circling.

My small team of Change-Makers has now founded, a firm that recruits, trains and places Embedded Coaches (EC’s) within organizations as full-time employees.

Our mission is to empower our community of EC’s to impact all levels of an organization and help develop the future generation of leaders…AND to give them the support, care and mentorship needed to thrive!

We believe that certified practitioners of Circling have the unique skill set to be successful in this role and can have a profound impact on the people, business and culture of an organization.

If this calls to you, check out

and let’s explore the possibilities!

Alita Watson


Does this sound like you?You care deeply about cultureYou love working with fast growing businessesYou have an entrepreneurial mindsetYou would love to be a full-time coach within the industries you are passionate aboutYou live, breathe, and dream about leadership development within an organizationY…

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