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This content was posted on  11 Nov 22  by   Areo Magazine  on  Facebook Page
Gender Policing on the Left – Areo

“I cannot help but notice that this left-wing gender policing relies upon the same sexist ideas as its counterparts on the right. Whereas I have chosen to respond to sexist gender roles and norms by rejecting them completely, these folks seem to have taken a more antiquated approach. They’ve managed to preserve sexist attitudes about gender by erasing biology and making everything about identity. It is difficult to exaggerate how far removed that mentality is from the feminism of my mother,” writes Kaylee C. Walker. In association with Queer Majority.

What makes a man, if not masculinity? What makes a woman, if not femininity? These questions arise out of modern feminist theory, where scholars first drew a distinction between biological…View Post

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