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European Fireside Chats Coming Up

Nordic Bildung and Lene Rachel Andersen are hosting a series of European Fireside Chats at the European Bildung Network.

  • October 29th: What kind of bildung do we need to save the planet?
  • November 12th: What kind of bildung do we need to handle exponential technologies?
  • November 26th: Bildung and democracy in Belarus, Ukraine and the Balkans
    • Galina Veramejchyk, country director of DVV International adult education (Belarus)
    • Mihail Krikunov, dean at the Kiev Business School and mentor for the Scandinavian Folk-Bildung Ukraine project group (Ukraine)
    • Nikola Jurisic, is Serbian and promotes bildung in the Balkans (currently lives and works in Dubai).

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