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This content was posted on  16 Aug 19  by   Ronan Harrington  on  Medium
Can transformational festivals transcend the shadow of ego?

In this video, Ronan Harrington explores 5 ways in which transformational festivals are held back from genuinely changing our culture.

If you are a festival goer, would love to know if you agree with any of the following or have more to add:

  1. Lurking behind celebration, a culture of hedonistic escapism that disassociates from fully our life struggles and the crises facing society.
  2. 2. Lurking behind connection, new set of status games and hierarchies based on who’s the most beautiful, spiritual, and knows the best tunes.
  3. 3. Lurking behind personal growth, a new culture of self absorption that eats into service toward wider social change projects, and keeps us exhausted by project me.
  4. 4. Lurking behind oneness, a new in group / out group dynamic based on who’s being ‘conscious’, with disgust at its core.
  5. 5. Lurking behind integration, the perennial problem of becoming who you wish to be without a community to support you. At the heart of all these egocentric behaviours is our difficult in feeling our pain, shame and trauma.

Rather than critiquing this culture as if from the outside, I attempt to expose my shame around the ways in which I perpetuate this culture and how it’s rooted in wounding and our experience of tragedy. If it moves you to do the same, this will be a moderated and respectful space for you to share.

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