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This content was posted on  5 Jul 20  by   Bonnitta Roy  on  Medium
Ah good question.

Ah good question. By “regulated” I mean that the amount of currency that is issued should come back as currency used. That would regulate the flows. Or perhaps, there would be an expiration date, say yearly. This means the incentive would not be to save money (it can’t be saved or increased in value) but to lower costs of production, thus driving local centers. If I can use my dollar six times locally, because it keeps coming back to me in shorter supply chains, then I will spend it that way then, for instance, if my dollar chases a supply chain that is 9 months long. It will never come back to me fast enough to “earn more purchasing power.” The idea is to design it so the value accumulates in real goods and services, at local scales. Does that make sense?

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