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Dr. Bret Weinstein (rhymes with Einstein) and Dr. Heather Heying (rhymes with flying), both Ph.Ds, became public figures after they were controversially ousted from Evergreen State College in 2017 where they were professors of evolutionary biology. It was an early example of so-called 'Cancel Culture', but a high profile one that resonates to this day. There is a documentary about those events here on Youtube, thanks to former Evergreen student Benjamin Boyce (his channel is here). Additional footage regarding those events was shot by Australian film maker Mike Nayna and can be found on his Youtube channel here.

Here is some news commentary of those events:   NYT   HuffPo   Washington Examiner

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Note: Consider most mentions of Bret to include Heather, since they share so much in common in terms of interests and career, their recent entry into the Podcasting sphere, and are married. This applies to the entire subreddit.



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