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054 Rupert Read – Parents for a Future – Responding to Greta

Environmental philosopher and activist Rupert Read joins Terry to explore the current state of our ecological emergency, its philosophical implications, and our human responses. They probe into what kinds of understanding, spiritual growth, truth-telling, and nonviolent direct action are appropriate now. They also consider the kinds of communication and action that can coincide with rapid transformation, particularly the primal, and still-untapped power of parents’ love for our children.

Rupert Read teaches Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, alongside leading environmental scientists, and he is the author of eight books, including This Civilisation is Finished: Conversations on the End of the Empire and What Lies Beyond. Rupert is a former chair of Green House think tank, a former Green Party of England and Wales councilor, a European parliamentary candidate, and a national parliamentary candidate. He was a national UK spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and is a frequent guest on a range of national UK television and radio programs.

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