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050 Neal Rogin – Gravity, Levity, and Delightenment

Filmmaker, social observer, and humorist Neal Rogin joins Terry to explore the kinds of communications that can break through the cultural narratives that are tending to bind the human imagination. A cross between Yoda and Forrest Gump, Neal Rogin’s playful humor startles and liberates us into self-compassionate capital-H Humor. His unique brand of brilliance is tender and vividly in service of the heart. Ultimately, he and Terry make their way to a new level of levity, clarity, and joy in contemplating death and committing, as he says, to “leaving the party better than we found it.”

Neal Rogin award-winning writer, filmmaker, communications consultant, and social observer whose work has inspired millions of people around the world and moved them into action. He was there at the inception of culture-transforming projects as Werner Erhard’s est, the Landmark Forum, The Hunger Project, LiveAid, The State of the World Forum, and the Pachamama Alliance, with which he’s still a founding board member. As a writer, producer and filmmaker, he worked with Sting to create the Oscar-nominated film, Burning Down Tomorrow, the Emmy award winning Spaceship Earth, the PBS documentary special, A New American Revolution and the UN film commemorating its 50th anniversary, A Place to Stand. Neal is also the author of Delightenment: Escaping the Solitary Confinement of Your Prisonality, a remarkable collection of short eloquent gems of spiritual wisdom, which display the compassionate awake humor that is the unique signature of Neal’s beautiful Heart-Mind.

Here are some additional questions they explore:

  • In today’s “hyper-addictive reality show”, how can we better navigate the high winds of conflicting opinions and passions & live in the “eye of the hurricane?”
  • What does it mean to live as “modern yet indigenous” people? How can our discerning minds be in service of our caring, creative, holistic hearts?
  • When Neal jokes, “I’m going to die if it’s the last thing I do”, he opens a question about reimagining our personal and cultural relationships with death. How can it help us live way more joyfully and deeply?
  • Do beliefs like “our society is flawed and we need to fix it” serve as obstacles to fully embracing reality and its opportunities?
  • In this wild time, how can our childlike curiosity re-energize our ability to dream big, love this beautiful world, and actualize our fierce desire to help?

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