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019 Daniel P. Brown ā€“ What Really Matters

Harvard psychologist and meditation master Dr. Daniel P. Brown reflects on his body of work integrating ancient contemplative wisdom with western psychology and neuroscience and considers what really matters in life and in his work.

Dan is a prominent Western psychologist, on the faculty of Harvard Medical School for over 38 years and he is a senior meditation master who trained with top Indo-Tibetan Bon & Buddhist lamas for nearly 50 years. He’s made lasting contributions to the fields of trauma, neuroscience, peak performance, meditation practice, and ancient yoga. 

Here are some questions Dan and Terry explore in this episode:

  • What do neuroscientific studies tell us about the brains of practitioners who stabilize awakening?
  • Is it possible to eliminate negative states and exhaust one’s karmic memory traces?
  • How can operating out of care for future generations make us more generative and productive?
  • What qualities would an “enlightened leader” embody in today’s world?
  • How does awakening express itself during adversity?

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