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017 Peter Russell – No Blame for End Times

The remarkable futurist, author, and teacher Peter Russell describes the unsustainable trajectory of civilization and goes on to explore the spiritual implications of our crisis. He explains how human creativity begets creativity, feeding upon itself and becoming an unstoppable self-accelerating “positive-feedback loop”, reaching rates of change to which human individuals and collectives simply can’t adapt. 

Peter and Terry both ask, “How can we better understand and forgive our moment in the collective mortality of the human journey?” From one perspective, this seems unthinkably catastrophic. From another, it is revelatory and liberating. Our disposition can grow from anger and blame into acceptance, love and service. 

Peter Russell’s studies of theoretical physics, experimental psychology, computer science, meditation and Eastern philosophy enabled to synthesize the essential implications of societal events in their evolutionary context and he has been able to foresee most of what looms today as important and consequential. 

Long before Ray Kurzweil, he explored “the singularity.” In the 1980’s, he coined the term “global brain” in his bestseller with that title. He predicted the Internet and the impact it would have on humanity. He authored ten other books, including Waking Up in Time and From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness. 

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