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#46 Reunion

Jared Janes┬á&┬áJason┬áSnyder reunite after 17 months of Both/And hiatus. In this wide-ranging conversation, they talk about what they’ve been up to and how their perspectives of the sensemaking/meta/liminal web have changed.

#46 Reunion

#45 Both/And Awards

Jared Janes┬á&┬áJason┬áSnyder come back one more time to give awards to stand-out Both/And episodes. First, they talk about what they’ve been up to for the past couple of months and then get to the awards: Most Convivial, Most Intellectually Stimulating, Most Challenging to My Worldview, Most Star-Struck, & MVP. Along the way, they also make

#45 Both/And Awards

#44 Q&A, Hiatus & the Future

Jared Janes & Jason Snyder talk about Both/And’s hiatus, the sensemaking web, podcasting as a medium, memetic mediation, local community, going ‘meta’, spirituality, their friendship, COVID, contemporary Vajrayana Buddism, their political triggers, the meta/integral left, GameB, thank you’s, the Both/And awards, and more. In this Episode of Both/And Jason’s article, The Psychodynamics of Memetic Mediation Jared’s new Podcast

#44 Q&A, Hiatus & the Future

#43 Embracing the Dark with Leslie Rogers

Jared Janes and Jason Snyder talk with Leslie Rogers about what led him to start the Light Dark Institute, being in a sex cult, kink & BDSM, his dark awakening, personality & identity transformation, dark desires, the difference between light & dark personal work, orgasmic meditation & other influences on Leslie’s practices, tantra, archetypes & deities, pleasure, healing &

#43 Embracing the Dark with Leslie Rogers

#42 The Ever-Present with Jeremy Johnson

Jared Janes and Jason Snyder talk with Jeremy Johnson about what led to his interest in Jean Gebser, the nebulosity of time, non-linear consciousness evolution & developmental theory, Gebser’s poetic disposition & extraordinary writing style, the un-perspectival world, integral consciousness, the limits of intellect & complex abstraction, the ever-present, mythical consciousness, pattern & nebulosity, wholeness & the spiritual

#42 The Ever-Present with Jeremy Johnson

#41 Simpol Global Action with John Bunzl

Jared Janes and Jason Snyder talk with John Bunzl about why he started Simpol & how it enables global cooperation, his multi-issue approach to global issues, UN target failures, first-mover criteria, the democratic accountability strategy, partisanship, global pandemic preparation, efficiency vs resilience, power in metrics, cooperative competition, biomimicry in Simpol, Simpol’s history & progress, the role of the

#41 Simpol Global Action with John Bunzl

#40 Humility, Spirituality & Q&A

Jared Janes & Jason Snyder talk about humility, memetic mediation, Patreon goals & perks, acting from uncertainty, embodiment & trauma/baggage, map vs territory, individual vs group development, mindfulness, compassion, nonduality & enlightenment, tantric practice, guru abuse, emerging modern spirituality & the limitations of intellect, the void, subtle sensations & the brilliance of the mundane, constructed cognition, what

#40 Humility, Spirituality & Q&A

#39 Enabling Collaboration with Richard Bartlett

Jared Janes and Jason Snyder talk with Richard Bartlett about what led to his interest in group dynamics, quarantine in Italy, local vs digital collaboration, social enterprise, metamodernism & an action-oriented critique, rivalrous dynamics, the commons, experimentation vs abstraction, GameB, hierarchies, efficiency vs resilience, counter-cultural group dysfunctions, the economic purity delusion, mythopoetic cultural influence, the meta-tribe, memetic mediators &

#39 Enabling Collaboration with Richard Bartlett

#38 Nurturing Intellect with Anna Gat

Jared Janes and Jason Snyder talk with Anna Gat about her background & the Interintellect (I.I.), the structure of I.I. salons & how they’re adjusting to COVID-19, uncovering our true social needs in quarantine, local vs virtual community, unifying dynamics of global crisis, COVID paradoxes & artifacts, redefining extraordinary & genius, enabling constraints, adversity, governance, memetic mediation, our tribal

#38 Nurturing Intellect with Anna Gat

#37 Dancing with COVID with Sarah McManus

Jared Janes and Jason Snyder talk with Sarah McManus about her background, her emotional & psychological experience of contracting COVID-19, her ayahuasca shamanic apprenticeship in Peru, helplessness, emotional processing, the Bio-Emotive Framework, Buddhist practices & traditions, suffering, building & integrating new cultural platforms, reframing human development, pandemic fragility, learnings from Burning Man, dynamics of self-isolation, moving forward, chaos, order, and much more.

#37 Dancing with COVID with Sarah McManus

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