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The Mystery of Love

The Mystery of Love

by Marc Gafni
"This is an astonishing book!" | "DNA of Our Universal Soul" | "Most Profound!"


With his first groundbreaking book Soul Prints, Dr. Marc Gafni taught readers how to tread a lifelong path of meaning by realizing their Unique Selves. Now, in The Mystery of Love, the profound philosopher and beloved spiritual teacher invites readers to the next step on the journey, addressing with passion, wisdom, and genuine humility the all-important issues of love, creativity, and our erotic connection to the universe. 

In the tradition of M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled and Gary Zukov’s The Seat of the SoulThe Mystery of Love speaks penetratingly to the age-old desire to move beyond emptiness and alienation and touch the full Eros of living. Gafni, with clarity, brilliance, and great compassion, re-frames our understandings of the erotic and the sensual in a way that invites us to live with passion and love in all facets of our lives. While drawn from the ancient wisdom texts of the Kabbalist tradition, The Mystery of Love speaks to all readers who seek a passionate, joyful, yet deeply grounded exploration of the ancient mysteries as their guide to enlightenment. 


Marc Gafni
Philosopher | Evolutionary Mystic | Visionary Scholar | Wisdom Teacher | Author | Director of the Center for Integral Wisdom

From Marc’s Facebook Page:

Dr Marc Gafni is a visionary thinker, social activist, passionate philosopher, and author of ten books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment.

He holds his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, and received rabbinic certification from the chief rabbinate in Israel, as well private rabbinic ordination. He teaches on the cutting edge of philosophy in the West, helping to evolve a new ‘dharma,’ or meta-theory of Integral meaning that is helping to re-shape key pivoting points in consciousness and culture.

He is the co-founder, together with Ken Wilber, of The Center for Integral Wisdom, a leading activist think tank dedicated to articulating a practical politics of love, and to catalyzing an emergent personal and global vision of ethics, Eros and meaning.
Together with author and social innovator Barbara Marx Hubbard, he is working on a series of new works revolving around Evolutionary Spirituality. He is the Integral Wisdom Scholar in Residence at the Agape International Spiritual Center (Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, president).

Known for his rare combination of a brilliant mind and overflowing heart, Marc Gafni is a leading public intellectual impacting the source code of global culture and has been called a trail-blazing visionary in opening up new possibilities for love, Eros and relationship. He has led international spiritual movements and learning communities, as well as created and hosted for several seasons a popular national Israeli television program on culture, meaning, and spirit on Israel’s leading network.

It is worth adding that Marc Gafni has contributed to evolving Integral theory in terms of emergent understandings of what he has called “the democratization of enlightenment,” a second-tier theory of moral obligation, a second-tier realization of prayer, of what he has called World Spirituality, Evolutionary Eros, Integral Sexuality, Conscious Entrepreneurship, Theodicy, and the beginning of an Integral theory of Unique Self.


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