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The Listening Society

The Listening Society

by Hanzi Freinacht
A Metamodern Guide to Politics, Book One
Read with caution. "A masterpiece, game changer and music to my soul" | "Dangerous, Humbling, insightful masterpiece"

The first part of the book justifies it’s positioning as being about politics, although the substance of his conception of a new politics comes in Book Two. But Hanzi also breaks new ground in this first volume by proposing an enhanced – and very compelling – model of human development. Those familiar with Spiral Dynamics, other stages models and the states and stages ideas from Integral Theory will be delighted/dismayed/incensed or otherwise emotionally impacted by his critiques and his new model. (But be warned – you need to get through the barriers he throws up in the early parts of the book.)

Commentary by TLLP


As we move from the industrial age and its nation state to an internet age with a globalized postindustrial market a question presents itself: What is the next major developmental stage of society after the liberal democracy with a balance between capitalism and welfare state?

In this book Hanzi Freinacht offers a compelling answer to this question. We are reaching the limits of modern society and we must work to achieve a metamodern society, that is, a society which goes beyond modern life and its institutions. The metamodern society of the future is a listening society; a society more sensitive to the inner dimensions of human beings.

Drawing upon an elaborate weaving of psychology, sociology, political science and philosophy this book lands in a positive vision for the future. It shows how a clear description of human psychological growth – how we grow as human beings – can also offer us key insights into how global society can and should evolve in the internet age. A politics that can help humans grow to the later stages of psychological development is also one that can be capable of meeting the staggering challenges of our time.

In the first part of the book Hanzi examines the politics and culture of the Nordic countries and shows how these progressive societies offer a fertile ground for metamodern politics. The basis of such metamodern politics is also described. In the second part of the book he turns to developmental psychology, describing how humans evolve through a series of stages – and how this matters immensely for the happiness and survival of us all.

As this story unfolds – in a uniquely provocative genre breaking manner – you will also glean insight into your own developmental stage and those of people around you.

Read with caution.


Hanzi Freinacht
Political Philosopher | Sociologist | Historian | Author | Thought Leader on Metamodernism

An understanding of who Hanzi is provides a  taste of metamodernism itself. When complete, his proposed 6-volume magnum opus on metamodernism will be the first/only – and so, de facto definitive – published magnum opus on metamodernism. As described here, it will include politics (done), history, economics, ethics and law. 

Commentary by TLLP


As a writer, Hanzi combines in-depth knowledge of several sciences and disciplines and offers maps of our time and the human condition with his characteristically accessible, poetic and humorous writing style – challenging the reader’s perspective of herself and the world.

Hanzi Freinacht epitomizes much of the metamodern philosophy and can be considered a personification of this strand of thought. He has produced a wide array of original, relevant and useful ideas for people in all walks of life. These ideas help you gain an upper hand in the new political, economic and cultural landscape of digital, postindustrial society.


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