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Social Justice and Educational Measurement

Social Justice and Educational Measurement

by Zak Stein
John Rawls, the history of testing, and the future of education
"highly original" | "a work of genius" | "a landmark text"


Social Justice and Educational Measurement addresses foundational concerns at the interface of standardized testing and social justice in American schools. Following John Rawls’s philosophical methods, Stein builds and justifies an ethical framework for guiding practises involving educational measurement. This framework demonstrates that educational measurement can both inhibit and ensure just educational arrangements. It also clarifies a principled distinction between efficiency-oriented testing and justice-oriented testing.

Through analysis of several historical case studies that exemplify ethical issues related to testing, this book explores and propounds speculative design principles and arguments in favour of radically democratic school reforms, which address how the future of testing might be shaped to ensure justice for all. These case studies cover the widespread use of IQ-style testing in schools during the early decades of the 20th century; the founding of the Educational Testing Service; and the recent history of test-based accountability associated with No Child Left Behind.

Social Justice and Educational Measurement will be essential reading for academics, researchers and postgraduate students in education, testing and assessment, and the philosophy of education. It will also be of interest to policymakers and educational administrators.


Zak Stein
Writer | Educator | Futurist | Working to bring a greater sense of sanity and justice to education

From Zak’s website:

I am a scholar at the Ronin Institute, where I research the relations between education, human development, and the evolution of civilizations.

I serve as Co-President and Academic Director of the activist think-tank at the Center for Integral Wisdom, where I write and teach at the edges of integral meta-theory.

I act on the scientific advisor board of the Neurohacker Collective and other technology start-ups, where I use my expertise in ethics and human development to help guide innovation.

I offer human development and learning science consultations to schools, organizations, and educational technology companies.


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