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Essential Spirituality

Essential Spirituality

by Roger Walsh
The 7 Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind
"Pragmatic Spirituality" | "Changed My Life" | "Beautiful book"


Based on over twenty years of research and spiritual practice, Essential Spirituality a groundbreaking and life-changing book.

In his decades of study, Dr. Roger Walsh has discovered that each of the great spiritual traditions has both a common goal and seven common practices to reach that goal: recognizing the sacred and divine that exist both within and around us. Filled with stories, exercises, meditations, myths, prayers, and practical advice, Essential Spirituality shows how you can integrate these seven principles into one truly rewarding way of life in which kindness, love, joy, peace, vision, wisdom, and generosity become an ever-growing part of everything you do.


Roger Walsh
Professor | Psychiatry | Philosophy | Anthropology | Religious Studies | Integral Theory | Shamanism

From Roger Walsh‘s website:

For over 30 years I’ve been researching how to enhance wellbeing—physical, psychological, social and spiritual.  This search has been powered by questions such as:

  • What does it mean to live wisely and well, and what does it take?
  • How can we cultivate qualities such as love and wisdom, kindness and compassion?
  • What is meant by terms such as enlightenment and liberation, salvation and satori?

I’ve explored these questions professionally in my roles as a professor, physician and therapist, and personally as a spouse, spiritual practitioner, and inquisitive human being. Obviously, I have no final answers. However, I’ve distilled what I’ve found into the writings and talks available on this website which I hope you’ll find helpful to your own work and explorations.

Some of the resources that might be valuable include articles on:


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