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Our global civilization faces multiple systemic threats.

The inevitable deeply disruptive transition will lead…
EITHER to untold pain and suffering – via chaos
OR (maybe) to a New Era – via conscious evolution.

On this site, we curate the content of some of the people and organizations who are consciously working directly or indirectly on Humanity’s Transition.

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Most recent 20 Videos, Podcasts and Medium Posts

Most recent 15 Videos, Podcasts and Medium Posts

Latest 20 VideosLatest 20 PodcastsLatest 20 Medium Posts

What rites of passage do we need in today’s world? Are we going through collective rites of passage at the moment? What is the role of mentors in our societies? …Read more …Read more

In this currents episode, Jim talks to Simon DeDeo about his recently co-authored (with Zachary Wojtowicz) paper, “From Probability to Consilience: How Explanatory Values Implement Bayesian Reasoning“. They cover its connection to AI & human …Read more

In celebration of the paperback release of Dark Horse’s Aleister & Adolf, Douglas Rushkoff and Michael Oeming join Jimmy Church’s FADE to BLACK to discuss the graphic novel’s 2016 release. …Read more

Zak Stein & Jim have a wide-ranging talk about hierarchical complexity: its history, horizontal vs vertical development, the chunking property in development, emergence & evolution, success vs understanding, child development, …Read more

Philosopher and author Tim Freke joins Terry to explore the personal, cultural, and global implications of an integration of our best rational and spiritual understandings of reality. Tim Freke is …Read more

In this episode of Post-Progressive Inquiries, Steve McIntosh and I visit with economist Pia Malaney to ponder economics through the lens of evolutionary theory. We look at what is arising …Read more

In this currents episode, Charles Hoskinson talks with Jim about the history of blockchain projects, his history with the Ethereum project and what led him to found Cardano, a 3rd gen …Read more

Playing for Team Human today, social innovator, writer, and host of, “What Could Possibly Go Right?” Vicki Robin.Vicky will be helping us find ways to emerge from this moment of …Read more

Annie Duke & Jim talk about some of the key themes in her last two books. They cover how she became a championship level poker player, the deep differences between …Read more

In this episode, recorded in the middle of the impeachment trial, I examine both the stunning House prosecution of the worst presidential betrayal in U.S. history (thank you Liz Cheney) …Read more

Anatol Lieven & Jim talk about his latest book, Climate Change and the Nation State: The Realist Case. They cover motivating populations to take actions on climate change, the key role of …Read more

Genesis P-Orridge meets Douglas Rushkoff for the first time in a 1993 car ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The third of a three-part bonus series, available exclusively to …Read more

A compelling case can be made that we are in the early stages of another tech and economic boom in the next 30 years that will help solve our era’s …Read more

Brad Kershner talks to Jim about his book, Understanding Educational Complexity: Integrating Practices and Perspectives for 21st Century Leadership. They cover how Brad defines complexity, key contextual aspects of education, the four …Read more

The scapegoat mob and the Exodus, Tantra and Zoroastrianism,  Axial Age vs Bronze age, Egyptian vs Persian culture, The two river systems, Hegel, Nietzsche, and so much more.  Two hours …Read more

In this currents episode, Bill Ottman & Jim have a wide-ranging talk on the state of social media and his open-source social platform ( They talk about what makes Minds different than other social …Read more

Terry Patten explores the delusion, anxiety, loneliness, and fear experienced across our culture as well as the potential for sacred, next-stage friendship to be a key leverage point for healing …Read more

Forrest Landry & Jim build on the foundation they built in his last JRS episode to continue to flesh out Forrest’s Immanent Metaphysics. They explore the self, subject/object relationship, perception, …Read more

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, out of the depths arises Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon Congresswoman from Georgia who trumps Trump in …Read more

Playing for Team Human today, former Global Head of Elections Integrity Operations for Political Advertising at Facebook, diplomat, corporate social responsibility advisor, and technology activist, Yaël Eisenstat. Eisenstat helps us …Read more

Bernard Baars talks to Jim about some of the key ideas in his book, On Consciousness: Science & Subjectivity. They start by covering some of the history of the scientific study of …Read more

Nora Bateson, Jan 2021Continue reading on Medium » …Read more

The making of an amazing online courseNati and I are putting the finishing touches on the course design for our guided learning program: Patterns for Decentralised Organising. I’m feeling totally jazzed …Read more

Challenging perceptions of time and place to enhance climate change engagement through museumsLong Now co-founder Brian Eno in front of his 77 Million Paintings generative artwork (02007).By Henry McGhie*, Sarah Mander**, Asher Minns***AbstractThis …Read more

When two seas meet, vast waves rise. As we watch the Gamestop story play out, we’re witnessing a movement birthed on the internet crashing…Continue reading on Rebel Wisdom » …Read more

(This is a piece that I wrote as a forward for a French book on family therapy called Les défis des familles d’aujourd’hui: Approche…Continue reading on Medium » …Read more

I used to live 2 miles from Lincoln VA and knew the Janneys who are descendants of the folks in the image. Lincoln has a very active Quaker Congregation to …Read more

Warm Dat too…! …Read more

The word patriarchy has come to mean an oppressive power structure run by men and the systematic abuse and exclusion of women. It…Continue reading on Medium » …Read more

That's what it is, sort of. It's more a challenge than an invitation. People do need to read the books/source material instead of assuming they've grokked it from facebook or …Read more

Triangulating the Discourse and Moving Forward Together*This article was first published in The Side View in May, and is paired with The Hypermodern Highway to Hell which was published here in October.IntroductionWhat …Read more

Triangulating the Discourse and Moving Forward Together*This article was first published in The Side View in May, and is paired with The Hypermodern Highway to Hell which was published here in October.IntroductionWhat …Read more

It is me who is inspired… in fact your account was the spark that got me to finally write out a small piece yesterday. I have been so apologetic, always …Read more

lovely Gemma …Read more

Warm Data is not an artifact.Continue reading on Medium » …Read more

This is a lovely account of your Warm Data experience. When you do the next one I think you may notice a shifting from your attention on what is said, …Read more

an example was that she conveyed to me what my teachers said about the social role i played in the class–something about how you relate to others. something that i …Read more

How to take care of people at an event that could kill themStock photo by Cristina CerdaHosting events is a big part of how I earn my livelihood and how I do …Read more

On the Healing Power of Feminine Creativity: 5 Things My Mother Taught Me Through Her Life.The 20th-century avant garde artist Joseph Beuys reportedly once said that there are two forms of …Read more

The next Messiah won’t be televisedContinue reading on Medium » …Read more

Excellent comment, thanks! Yes, I agree. The paradigm shift has yet to happen (or it is 'happening'), and hyper- and meta- modernism are often described aesthetically (how could they be …Read more

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