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Our global civilization faces multiple systemic threats.

The inevitable deeply disruptive transition will lead…
EITHER to untold pain and suffering – via chaos
OR (maybe) to a New Era – via conscious evolution.

On this site, we curate the content of some of the people and organizations who are consciously working directly or indirectly on Humanity’s Transition.

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Most recent 20 Videos, Podcasts and Medium Posts

Most recent 15 Videos, Podcasts and Medium Posts

Latest 20 VideosLatest 20 PodcastsLatest 20 Medium Posts
New Discourses Bullets, Ep. 83 Many of us are working tirelessly to fight Woke Marxism and its attempted takeover of our societies, but the question is whether we’re working as …Read more

John Vervaeke and Rafe Kelley join forces to explore the profound connection between movement, nature, and personal growth. Kelley, a movement educator, reveals his “Ecology of Practices,” a unique blend …Read more

This video is taken from our set of video tutorials on “Getting Started with Systems Thinking” You can find the full course here: Full set of courses: Find us …Read more

1on1 coaching with Guy (email him): Drop in Thursday nights: Weekend circling intensive: Art of Circling practitioner training: 7 stages webinar: ——————————————————————————————— Full video: …Read more

A story and some thoughts, originally live streamed on my Instagram page, which you can find here: 👉 Charles’ essays on Substack: 👉 Charles’ author website: 👉 …Read more

We are not separate… Please follow my new facebook page for my most up to date content. Here’s the link: …Read more

Alexei Navalny Eulogy: “To Live Is to Risk It All”: The Unique Risk of the Hero | Dr. Marc Gafni #384 February 18, 2024 Join the ‘Planetary Awakening in Love …Read more

Explore the complex relationship between AI and human insight in this thought-provoking episode with John Vervaeke, Ken Lowry, Jonathan Pageau, and DC Schindler. While deeply engaging with the scientific and …Read more

Full Video: New book! The Queering of the American Child: Support New Discourses: Follow New Discourses on other platforms: Follow James Lindsay: © 2024 New …Read more

In this 213th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), we discuss the state of the world through an evolutionary lens. …Read more

In this episode of Collective Insights Ben Greenfield is back to share the latest in biohacking trends involving brain health, nootropics, and longevity. We discuss the impact of nutrition on …Read more

Gurdjieff repeats again and again that the practice and understanding of ‘conscious labours and intentional suffering’ is the path to personal and communal transformation, Soul creation, healthy societal function and, …Read more

Gurdjieff was insistent that sex energy was the key to liberation and the creation of a Soul, and also the key to our sleep and ruinous destruction. It is the …Read more

Gurdjieff was emphatic that people are asleep within themselves but believe that they are awake. Everyone lives a mostly unconscious, somnambulistic and mechanical existence, endlessly engaged in reactive “think-talk”. This …Read more

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 136 Stakeholder Capitalism is a scam. Though not particularly well-known outside of certain business circles, it is the model associated with Klaus …Read more

To access my latest writings please follow me on Substack by clicking this link: #Thriving #WhyAreWeHere? #Meaning #Purpose …Read more

In this overview of the UTOK course on Parallax, Gregg and Marcia embark on an enlightening exploration of the Unified Theory of Knowledge, discussing its transformative impact on understanding human …Read more

Class on UTOK begins at March 10th, 2024 Course-Info: Our Substack: Parallax Homepage: Network: UTOK – The Unified Theory of Knowledge – is the first truly …Read more

Jim talks with Hannah Rosenberg about the ideas in her essay “An Answer to Red Pilldom.” They discuss the meaning & origins of red pilldom, how Hannah encountered red pilldom …Read more

Author of The One Device and Blood In The Machine:: The Origins of the Rebellion Against Big Tech Brian Merchant shares the lessons learned by the luddites, not an anti-technology …Read more

Jim talks with Bruce Damer about the new Center for MINDS and the ideas in his essay “Downloads from the Modern Dawn of Psychedelics.” They discuss alternate ways psychedelics could …Read more

Douglas Rushkoff joined The Duncan Trussell Family Hour on January 15, 2024. 🎙️ Click here to subscribe and support The Duncan Trussell Family Hour🌍 You can support Team Human on …Read more

Professor of Media Studies at CUNY Queens, author of I’m Not There, and film historian, Noah Tsika exposes us to the brilliance in the most pop of cultural expressions — …Read more

Jim talks with Samo Burja about the ideas in his recent article “Geothermal Energy Turns Planets Into Power Sources.” They discuss the heat beneath the earth’s surface, contributors to the heat, …Read more

Jim talks with Jordan Hall about the ideas in his essay “From City to Civium” and about his recent conversion to Christianity. They discuss scaling laws, superlinear scaling in cities …Read more

Jim talks with Trent McConaghy about the ideas in his recent essay “bci/acc: A Pragmatic Path to Compete with Artificial Superintelligence.” They discuss the meaning of BCI (brain-computer interfaces) and …Read more

Standup comedian and midwest existentialist Brendon Lemon walks us through the existential abyss, where we find out there’s actually something funny about all this.About Brendan LemonBrendon Lemon is a comedian …Read more

Jim talks with George Hotz about running Comma, an open-source driving assistance company. They discuss breaking the carrier lock on the iPhone at seventeen, Google’s Project Zero, zero days, Mobileye & …Read more

Daniel and Jordan Hall discuss Jordan’s recent conversion to Christianity and the evolution of his worldview. How did a tech pioneer and futurist intellectual who would have said his chances …Read more

Douglas Rushkoff discusses why he feels like we’re running away from what matters – or maybe from matter, itself.🌍 You can support Team Human on Patreon to unlock access to …Read more

Jim talks with Lene Rachel Andersen about the ideas in her book Polymodernity: Meaning and Hope in a Complex World. They discuss the meaning of polymodernism, working with four cultural …Read more

Jim talks with Katherine Gehl about her and Michael Porter’s book, The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy. They discuss Jim’s past familiarity with …Read more

Jim talks with Max Borders about the ideas in his two-part essay series responding to Christopher Rufo’s recent manifesto “The New Right Activism.” They discuss the commentary form of the …Read more

Vice President, Creative at Skydance Interactive Shawn Kittelsen considers our society in revolt, and how pop media from comic books to video games help us see the choices before us📕 …Read more

Jim talks with Ben Goertzel about a paper he co-wrote, “OpenCog Hyperon: A Framework for AGI at the Human Level and Beyond.” They discuss the way Ben defines AGI, problems …Read more

Transdisciplinary artist and biohacker Heather Dewey-Hagborg shares her latest work on future pigs and hybrids.Keep up with Heather Dewey-HagborgWebsite | InstagramAbout Heather Dewey-HagborgDr. Heather Dewey-Hagborg is a New York-based artist and …Read more

Jim talks with Kevin Dickinson about the ideas in his recent essay “A Short History of the F-Word.” They discuss the mystery of the F-word’s origins, a damn fucking abbot in the sixteenth century, …Read more

Executive Director of The Center for Artistic Activism Rebecca Bray and Program Director of The Center for Artistic Activism’s Unstoppable Voters Rachel Gita Karp show us how to make activist …Read more

The main motivation for my hard line against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is that it is a gross breach of the strongest taboo in post-WWII international relations: the agreement to …Read more

Johan Galtung by Oberg PhotoGraphicsOn Saturday, February 17th, the Norwegian father of peace research as a science, Professor Johan Galtung, passed away in Oslo at the age of 93.After studying mathematics …Read more

At the Design School for Regenerating Earth, we are about to embark on a learning journey to birth a planetary network of bioregional learning centers.We have developed a framework for the …Read more

What is Akkermansia Good For?Akkermansia muciniphila (A. muciniphila) is a bacterial species that inhabits the human gut. A. muciniphila lives in the mucus layer that covers the intestinal wall, where it …Read more is a very special conversation that I had with Dr. Dan Longboat of the Turtle Clan in the Mohawk Nation. Together we explored “finding the third way” that brings …Read more

Can Paced Breathing Really Help You Sleep Better?As scientists, medical practitioners, biohackers, and health-conscious creators we are deeply passionate about the latest studies and techniques to help optimize the quality of …Read more

The children are helping regrow the forest next to the Barichara River…With special thanks to Oswaldo Escobar for guiding the kids through a process of making “seed bombs” filled with …Read more

It is the dead rivers that stir something deep within me…This one is the Paramera and it drains into the Barichara River. When I walk to these places, I am pondering …Read more

Yesterday we gathered with teachers, parents, and regenerative practitioners in the community who work with children. It is becoming more clear that we can begin a Waldorf model focused on …Read more

Image by Kelvy BirdAs the year draws to an end and we head into 2024, I feel the need to close the feedback loop between all the challenges of 2023 and …Read more

Read the article in Italian — in Traditional Chinese — in SpanishImage by Kelvy BirdAs the year draws to an end and we head into 2024, I feel the need to close the feedback loop between …Read more

Cellular senescence is a physiological process through which, in response to stress, cells stop dividing but don’t die. Some senescent cells linger indefinitely in tissues by upregulating pro-survival mechanisms called …Read more

Breakfast and Brunch — Ham — Savory PanettoneHomemade panettone is sliced and layered with tuna, olive tapenade, and ham to make this savory panettone sandwich sure to impress guests. …Read more

Joy’s Green Banana Salad — Vegetable Salada recipe I used to make with green bananas, sweet onions, and bacon in a vinegar dressing while I was living in Puerto Rico. My friends …Read more

image by Jayce LeeFaced with accelerating disruptions and social and environmental breakdowns, traditional forms of philanthropic giving may be less effective than they once were. Confronted with societal divisions, wars, and …Read more

Main Dishes — Game Day Jalapeno Cheese DipJalepeno peppers and hot sausage give this hot and cheesy dip some zip. Serve it with plenty of salty tortilla chips and keep it warm in …Read more

Sarah’s Instant Pot Cajun St. Charles Chicken — Instant PotIn order to create a delicious comfort food, cajun chicken is cooked in the Instant Pot along with creamy pasta, mushrooms, and andouille sausage. …Read more

As scientists, medical practitioners, biohackers, and health-conscious creators we are deeply passionate about the latest studies and techniques to help optimize the quality of your life. When we find research …Read more

Side Dish — Asian Coconut RiceJasmine rice, coconut milk, sugar, and salt can be combined to make delicious, restaurant-quality coconut rice quickly and easily. …Read more

Desserts — Pumpkin Streusel Bundt CakeAn excellent pumpkin Bundt® cake with a sweet and salty streusel that is perfect for dessert or even breakfast. …Read more

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