The Life Learning Project

Within 100 years, and possibly much sooner, the human race could eliminate itself, or at best cause death and suffering on a scale that is currently incomprehensible.

Catastrophic Climate Change. Global Financial Meltdown. Rampant Poverty. Oil Crises. Trade Wars. Water Wars. Nuclear Wars. Viral and Bacteriological Pandemics... there are many possibilities for destruction and suffering.

The issues are so huge and complex it seems futile to even attempt to find a solution: best just to live for today and hope our children or grandchildren will sort it out.

All we can do is
"Vote for peace, do more re-cycling and... pray."


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Life Learning Project......

The premise behind The Life Learning Project is that:

"The survival of human life on this planet over the next 100 years, and the quality of life for any survivors, will depend largely on the decisions made by the individuals who become leaders over the next 30 years."

The argument goes like this:

  • The more the human race "advances", the more danger it puts itself in of extinction.

  • There are no simple answers, no "silver bullets", no favoured set of principles, no collection of redeeming moral codes that everyone can adopt, no single political system that can be imposed universally.

  • Which is not to say that we are doomed, but that there is no point in trying to construct a "blueprint" or "plan" to guarantee the survival of humanity. The problem is far too complex on far too many levels to be resolvable by a "plan".

  • However, if enough "right" decisions are consistently made by people with power and influence (i.e. leaders) across all facets of society, then we are much more likely to avoid disaster.


The Life Learning Project defines and promotes an holistic / integral learning programme to help provide our future leaders with the vision, wisdom and skills they will need to ensure the survival and evolution of humanity into the 22nd Century.

Central to the Project is the idea of a Life Learning Course. This is the "holistic / integral learning programme" that the Project will define and promote.

The Project:

  • Has no political agenda

  • Has no religious agenda

  • Has no explicit "issue" agenda (such as "ecology", "hunger", "peace", "human rights" etc.)

  • Has no financial agenda (other than to support its activities)

  • Is not owned or controlled by any other organisation

  • Is influenced by many sources, most particularly by Integral Philosophy

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Alex Goodall
Oxford, UK

January 2006