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Peter Limberg
Peter Limberg
Steward of The Stoa | Co-founder of Stoicism Toronto
Steward of The Stoa | Co-founder of Stoicism Toronto

Peter Limberg is the steward of The Stoa, co-founder of Stoicism Toronto, a former board member of the Stoic Fellowship and an Adjunct Researcher at the University of Toronto’s Consciousness & Wisdom Studies Lab. His writing can be found here.


The Stoa
The Stoa
The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately. - Seneca


The Stoa was once a covered portico where Stoics met to philosophize. Now it’s a digital space, where we can gather and talk about what matters most right now, at the razor’s edge of this pandemic.

Philosophy, dormant during times of relative certainty and ease, comes alive just when it’s needed most. Once we admit, as Socrates urged, that we do not know what we thought we did, we can begin, out of this newfound knowledge of our own ignorance, to open ourselves up to what we can know together–and to how we can act in common based on this shared knowledge.


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@jdj_writes Great thoughts, Jeremy. At the edge of my thinking – I do not like any movement that instrumentalizes art to shine awareness on their message. I sense Game B and other nearby philosophical scenes will unconsciously do that but can change course. …Read more
@jdj_writes I also LOVED how Tyson ended the session. It was so beautiful. The directionality I am personally taking – treating my Stoicism as being an “artist of life” – I am now treating everything as art. If everything becomes art, the word art is no longer needed. …Read more
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@aronro @alexandrosM Ontological flooding strikes me as dangerous, as it can lead to “ontological shock”:…, so probably not wise to undertake with care. …Read more
@aronro @alexandrosM Here is a presentation on ontological flooding at The Stoa by the guy who coined it: I imagine one can cultivate empathy, while being able to have a model of their views, without engaging in the flood. …Read more
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@JaredJanes is looking pretty badass in his profile pic. Aesthetics like this can make a Stoic want to become a Buddhist. …Read more
A beautiful epiphenomenon of different spiritual paths (non)competing to attract people during the second axial age – being stylish as fuck. …Read more
Peter N Limberg retweeted: @JaredJanes is looking pretty badass in his profile pic. Aesthetics like this can make a Stoic want to become a Buddhist. …Read more
@TiffaniMKE @WisdomRebel 2) second-person epistemics – set the conditions for dialogos to emerge, aka does the “conversational container” allow for parties to speak what they believe to be true. Social alchemy is a psychotech were are developing to afford this – …Read more
@TiffaniMKE @WisdomRebel Here is the relevant battlefront –… The work (or “play”) here w/ CRT … 1) third-person epistemics – map the logical space of both the Woke and Anti-Woke sides of this battlefront in a way that could pass their “ideological turning test.” …Read more
@TiffaniMKE @WisdomRebel So, you want a sense of the perceived Truth (3rd person), containers for truthfulness to flow (2nd person), and the spirit of truth to flow through you (1st person). This will allow for “polarity artistry,” the Game B version of polarity management – …Read more
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@TiffaniMKE @WisdomRebel 3) first-person epistemics – feel into your emotional triggers and deal with them lovingly and directly, empathically do the same to the “other side.” You’ll find a similar emotion with a different directionality. …Read more
@VinceFHorn Perhaps a fourth: Those who respect but no longer need to operate in modernity-based developmental framework are attempting to cultivate communitas directly. …Read more
@TiffaniMKE No. I mostly not called to play with “culture war battlefronts” at The Stoa (…), lots of unprocessed energy there; I am not yet sophisticated enough to navigate. Besides, @WisdomRebel might be a better place for this. …Read more
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@VinceFHorn Hard agree. We can also just be disciples of @bonnittaroy, which is one of the non-paths I am choosing right now … …Read more
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