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Peter Limberg
Peter Limberg
Steward of The Stoa | Co-founder of Stoicism Toronto
Steward of The Stoa | Co-founder of Stoicism Toronto

Peter Limberg is the steward of The Stoa, co-founder of Stoicism Toronto, a former board member of the Stoic Fellowship and an Adjunct Researcher at the University of Toronto’s Consciousness & Wisdom Studies Lab. His writing can be found here.


The Stoa
The Stoa
The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately. - Seneca


The Stoa was once a covered portico where Stoics met to philosophize. Now it’s a digital space, where we can gather and talk about what matters most right now, at the razor’s edge of this pandemic.

Philosophy, dormant during times of relative certainty and ease, comes alive just when it’s needed most. Once we admit, as Socrates urged, that we do not know what we thought we did, we can begin, out of this newfound knowledge of our own ignorance, to open ourselves up to what we can know together–and to how we can act in common based on this shared knowledge.


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