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Jason Snyder
Jason Snyder
Co-host of Both/And podcast, Metamodern Generalist | embodied non-dual awareness ~ enaction | Bioregional Regeneration
Co-host of Both/And podcast, Metamodern Generalist | embodied non-dual awareness ~ enaction | Bioregional Regeneration

Metamodern generalist | embodied non-dual awareness ~ enaction | bioregional regeneration

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Professional and educational background in applied economics, geography, GIS, scenario modeling/simulation, food systems, and international development.

General research interest: The evolution of food systems and their relationship to socio-economic development

Current Research topics:

Structural transformation and food value chains in East Africa

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Good faith conversations exploring ideas & practices that drive personal & collective development


Good faith conversations exploring ideas & practices that drive personal & collective development. Jason Snyder & Jared Janes host a wide variety of guests with the goal of enacting inclusive/metamodern & contemplative sensibilities.


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