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Workplace Appraisals with Agile Governance

By Peter Merry and originally published at

I put this together for a client recently and thought I’d share in case it’s useful for anyone else or if you have ideas to add. It’s based on the Holacracy® practices that I am familiar with. It should be seen as complementary to any legal or contractual HR process.

In agile governance the organisation is put at the centre. We ask “what does the organisation need to count on someone to do?”. That gives a list of accountabilities that are grouped appropriately into Roles. Souls are then matched to Roles.

An appraisal process should serve these ends:

Checking if the current accountabilities listed in each Role are the things the organisation needs to count on someone for and if any accountabilities are missing;
Checking how well the current Soul is able to play the Role(s) they are in and making any necessary adjustments

Steps in an agile appraisal process could therefore include:

Part One – Role Review

Choose a Role to review
Check with Soul if they feel all the currently listed accountabilities for that Role are still needed by the organisation
Check with Soul if they feel there are any accountabilities missing i.e.[…]

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