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When Agile, Self-Management, And Holacracy Fail

By  Pim de Morree and originally published at Corporate Rebels

These days, there seems to be a massive interest in less hierarchical, more liberated approaches to work. “Agile,” sociocracy, Holacracy, “teal,” self-management, and other management techniques are now of great interest to a growing number of companies around the world.

As you probably would have expected, we believe this to be a very positive thing. These approaches—when done well—have the power to boost all sorts of good, desirable things, such as:


And the list goes on and on.

The popularity contest

Unfortunately, there is a downside to the growing hype surrounding these new ways of working. The problem is precisely that: popularity.

And because these methods are becoming more and more popular, tons of companies are becoming interested in them for all the wrong reasons—what a surprise.[…]

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