Curating Content To Support Learning About Humanity's Transition

This content was posted on  23 Jun 22  by   Jonathan Rowson  on  Twitter
There's a politics of triage – about policy priorities. There's a …

There’s a politics of triage – about policy priorities.

There’s a politics of transition- about decarbonisation.

There is not yet a politics of transformation.

We spend very little public energy discussion visions of a viable and desirable future and how we might get there.

Sometimes we talk at cross purposes about “what to do” because we don’t distinguish between:

Triage: 0-15 years

Transition: 0-35 yrs

Transformation: 0-75 yrs

We need to reallocate attention/capacity. At present it’s something like 70/25/5 but it needs to be more like 30/40/30.

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