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The Problems with Classical Liberalism

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 133

Classical Liberalism is in trouble. We can all see that. With it, the nations that have incorporated it as their operating model are also in trouble. We can all see that too. Today, post-liberal movements on both the Left and the putative Right see these problems and are calling for Classical Liberalism’s demise. But do they see the problems we face clearly and accurately? James Lindsay, host of the New Discourses Podcast, thinks they do not, and in this episode, he breaks down what they’re missing and the major problems Classical Liberalism faces as we make our way deeper into the twenty-first century. First, it’s under deliberate attack from an attempted global Communist Revolution. Second, we can’t defend it because we aren’t even clear about what it is. Third, three deep and important philosophical questions demand answering in order to carry the philosophy of Individual Rights and Liberty into our increasingly technological and digital age. Join him to break through the conceptual fog and to start facing the real problems threatening us and to turn away from fighting shadows.

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