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The Feeling of Mystification

New Discourses Bullets, Ep. 68

One of Marxists’ favorite words to project onto their enemies is “mystification.” Everyone, they insist, who isn’t on board with their twisted program is “mystified” about the true nature of reality, which they have, of course, discovered and delineated in unique clarity (in their own estimation, anyway). As we know, the Iron Law of Woke Projection never misses. The fact is that Marxist ideologies mystify their targets. That is, they mug people of their ability to apprehend and discern reality through tricky arguments that work a lot like an illusionist’s trick or a wizard’s spell. The feeling is that you’ve run into a “good argument” for something that must be false, and it’s critical people learn to recognize this feeling so they know when to slow down and dig deeper. In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay illustrates the conditions of Woke Marxist mystification and talks about how to learn to pierce through it to see reality clearly again.

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