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Reinventing Management: The Bold Transformation of A Peruvian Laundry Service – Part 1

By Joost Minnaar and originally posted as a single article at

A big motivator to start our Corporate Rebels adventure was the remarkable story of how Ricardo Semler turned around his Brazilian manufacturing company, Semco, into one of the world’s most fun workplaces.

But although our start was strongly inspired by a South American workplace story, over the years we have found it difficult to find other progressive companies from the continent. Luckily, not long ago I was hinted by Prof. Ana Moreno Romero about another one such inspiring South American workplace story. It is the story of Pressto Peru.

The story of Pressto Peru was recently described in full detail by Berta de Vicente Garcia, a student of Ana’s team at the Technical University of Madrid.[…]

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